BKEX Will Merge The Shares Of CEL3S, STORJ3S, UNI5S And Other ETP Underlyings In ETP Area

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Dear Users:


Some ETP currencies triggers the BKEX ETP Product Share Merging Mechanism, so BKEX will merge the shares of these ETP currencies at 15:00 on June 22, 2022 (UTC+8). Details are as follows:

After the merger, the name, symbol and trading pair of the new share will be the same as these before the merger. During the period of merger, the merged currencies is not tradable and all open orders will be canceled by system.

The 100 shares of CEL3S, STORJ3S, UNI5S, IMX3S, UNI3S, APE3S, BAT3S, XTZ3L, TRB3S, DOT5S, GALA3L and GTC3S will be merged into 1 share. Consequently, the new net value per share of them will up 100 times the previous share. Net value conversion is based on the net value at the time of merger.


For rules and common questions about ETP product, please refer to: FAQ about Leveraged ETP Product

For Trading Guide to Leveraged ETP Product, please refer to: Trading Guide to Leveraged ETP Product


Herein we remind users that the price of ETP product will be settled with the net value of the merged currencies but not the price in order book of the merged currencies before share merging. Please know about the design and price fluctuation mechanism of the product before trading it to avoid unnecessary loss.





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