MVRC(MoveRich) will be listed on LBank Innovation Zone

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Dear LBank users,


MVRC(MoveRich) will be listed on LBank at 17:00 June 24, 2022 (UTC 8), the details are as follows:


Trading Pair: MVRC /USDT

Trading Area: Innovation Zone

Deposit Enable: 14:00 June 24, 2022 (UTC 8)

Trading Open: 17:00 June 24,2022 (UTC 8)

Withdrawal Enable: 14:00 June 25, 2022 (UTC 8)


  • About MVRC(MoveRich)

In the MoveRich platform, there are three main groups: users, service providers, and institutional carbon-neutral organizations. You can earn high rewards and protect the environment by exercising every day, generating profit by advertising your product on the platform, or distributing the economic benefits as coins to offset greenhouse gases. You will be able to make a significant contribution to environmental protection by using it for purchase.





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Whitepaper: white paper Ver.01- Eng.pdf



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