Will Delist Infinity Pad (IPAD)

블록스트리트 등록 2022-09-22 18:10

On the request of the Infinity Pad (IPAD) team, will delist Infinity Pad (IPAD) on Sep 22, 2022, at 14:00 UTC. According to the Infinity Pad (IPAD) token migration announcement, the Infinity Pad (IPAD) tokens will be migrated to the new tokens based on a snapshot taken September 22, 2022 until Saturday, September 24th. As the snapshot excludes tokens held on exchanges, it is highly recommended that you withdraw your Infinity Pad (IPAD) tokens to a supported wallet as soon as possible to make sure that you won’t miss out the snapshot time and new token migration.

About Infinity Pad (IPAD) delisting:
1) has now suspended the Infinity Pad (IPAD) deposits.
2)On September 22, at 14:00 UTC, will stop the IPAD trading, including grid trading, and liquidity mining(AMM) pool.
3) will continue to provide withdrawal services for IPAD for an extended 3 months after the delisting.
Note, the token migration snapshot will take place on September 22-24, 2022. Please withdraw your IPAD to a supported personal wallet as soon as possible.

Withdraw IPAD:

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September 22, 2022