Hotbit Will Merge the Shares of Leveraged ETF Products AUDIO1D5S and DUSK1D5S on January 24th, 2023

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Dear respected users,

Since the net values of leveraged ETF products AUDIO1D5S and DUSK1D5S are lower than 0.1 USDT, which triggers the Share Merging Mechanism. As such, Hotbit will merge the shares of AUDIO1D5S and DUSK1D5S at 04:15 PM on January 24th, 2023.


Because the price will increase by 10X after the merger, the number of users' existing assets will be multiplied by 0.1, meanwhile, the 10 shares of AUDIO1D5S and DUSK1D5S will be merged into 1 share, consequently, the net value per share will be up 10 times and user's holding amount will be down to 1/10. In this connection, the user’s total assets will stay the same after the merging. 


The net value conversion is based on the net balance at the time of the merger.

About leveraged ETF, for more details: Leveraged ETF FAQ

What is merge?


Hotbit Team

January 24th, 2023