WEMIX Listed on Mercado Bitcoin, The Largest Exchange in Brazil

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WEMIX trade to be supported by fiat currencies on Mercado Bitcoin
WEMIX team working towards listing on more exchanges that support local fiat currencies
Rapid and massive expansion anticipated as Brazil consists of the Top 2 number of users of WEMIX PLAY

WEMIX Listed on Mercado Bitcoin, The Largest Exchange in Brazil
SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- WEMIX, the utility coin of the world's biggest blockchain gaming platform (WEMIX PLAY), successfully completed its listing on Mercado Bitcoin, the largest crypto exchange in Brazil, on Feb 14, 5 pm (UTC).

The listing enabled WEMIX trading via Brazilian Real, the country's official fiat currency, largely enhancing the accessibility for Brazilians.

Founded in 2013, Mercado Bitcoin is the largest crypto exchange in Brazil. It provides trading and staking services for 200+ crypto assets, NFT, fantokens, blockchain academy and more. Investors in its parent company 2TM group, valued USD 2.1 billion, include Softbank, GP Investments and Mercado Libre. The enterprise value of Mercado Libre, a NASDAQ-listed company, exceeds 570 billion USD. The company is considered as the Amazon of Latin America.

Brazil, the biggest blockchain gaming market in Latin America, has an extensive user base of WEMIX PLAY. As WEMIX trading became more accessible using Brazil's fiat currency, WEMIX team expects a boost for its flagship games such as MIR4 and MIR M, and overall WEMIX ecosystem.

The WEMIX team plans to explore more exchanges that support WEMIX-fiat trading for the expansion of the WEMIX ecosystem.

As part of the launch program, Mercado Bitcoin will introduce the Learn-to-Earn program, which aims to provide useful information about the WEMIX ecosystem and the utility of its coin, to its Brazilian users, on March 8th.

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